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Coconut Allergy

Key Allergens

Coconuts are part of the Aracaceae family of plants so are more similar to palm plants, banana and pineapple than they are to tree nuts. There is little evidence that coconut should be avoided if you suffer from a nut allergy.

Coc n 1 is a major allergen associated with allergy to coconut - it is classified as an inhalent allergen rather than an ingested food allergen.

There is some evidence that coconut can cause contact dermatitis rashes - this is due to cocamide diethanolamine (Cocamide DEA). These are fatty acids found in coconut which are used in many cosmetic products. If sensitised to cocamide DEA you will still be able to eat the fruit from a coconut without any reactions.


There are no syndromes associated with coconut allergy.

Cross Reactivity

There is limited evidence of cross reactivity with walnuts and lentils.

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