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Egg Allergy

Key Allergens

Eggs contain a lot of allergenic proteins. They are named gal d 1, gal d 2 d etc. up to gal d 10.

Gal d 1 to 4 are allergens found in the egg white. Gal d 5 is an allergenic protein in the yolk.

Gal d 7 is an allergen linked to those with an allergy to the consumption of chickens.

Gald d 8, 9 and 10 are allergens linked to fish/chicken allergens (gal d 8 is also known as alpha-parvalbumin). See fish card for more information about parvalbumins.


Egg allergy is associated with Bird-Egg Syndrome, where an individual who is unable to eat chicken due to food allergies will become sensitised to the consumption of eggs.

Cross Reactivity

Egg allergy is seen sometimes in patients who suffer from a chicken food allergy and also in combination with a fish allergy.

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