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Jackfruit Allergy

Key Allergens

Jackfruit is consumed more commonly in Europe as a vegan alternative to meat (commonly to replace spicy and barbecued meat.

Jackfruit is a less common food allergy - none of the allergens it contains have been recognised by the World Health Organisation.

The proteins in jackfruit are thought to be Bet v 1 like proteins, which means that your body mistakes them for birch pollen allergens and can cause oral allergy type symptoms to them on ingestion


Allergy to jackfruit has been linked to Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome. You may have Pollen-Food Allergy Syndrome if you suffer from dill allergy with oral allergy symptoms to 3 or more of the foods mentioned in the cross reactivity section.

Jackfruit allergy is also commonly seen in conjunction with allergies to other foods presenting as Latex Food Syndrome. This is due to the the body confusing the proteins it encounters in food to that of latex proteins to which it is already sensitised.

Cross Reactivity

If sensitised to Birch pollen you may have Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome and may also react to Apple, Carrot, Kiwi, Pear, Peach, Plum, Nectarine, Apricots, Cherries, Tomato, Celery, Potato, Parsnip, Pepper, Cumin, Peas, Dill, Fennel, Hazelnut, Walnut, Almonds, Coriander, Peanuts, Lentils and Beans.

Foods linked to Latex Food Syndrome may have linked allergies to foods which contain high levels of chitinase like avocado, fig, avocado, banana, corn (maize), kiwi, papaya, pomegranate and tomatoes.

Jackfruit is in the family Moraceae, other foods in this family are mulberry and figs.

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