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Latex Food Syndrome

Key Allergens

Latex Food Syndrome is also sometimes known as Latex Fruit Syndrome. When a person becomes sensitised to the allergens in latex they may also become sensitised to certain foods which contain similarly shaped proteins.

There are 15 allergens associated with allergy to latex plants. The most likely proteins associated with Latex Food Syndrome are Hev b 6 which is a hevein and Hev b 11 which is a chitinase.

Chitinase is the protein thought to cause most instances of Latex Food Syndrome.

Hevein is a related protein and may also have some role in the Latex Food Syndrome.

Cross Reactivity

Those with a sensitivity to chitinase may have linked allergies to foods which contain high levels of chitinase, like avocado, banana, chestnuts, corn (maize), kiwi, papaya, pomegranate and tomatoes.

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